buy treadmill in india

India is growing and so is the waist of the average Indian. The 24/7 life style and rising incomes are leading to over nutrition and the average urban Indian weighs 5.2 kg more today than his parents generation. India is the worlds capital of diabetes , heart disease and child hood obesity. The wellness and fitness industry in India is also growing 23% every year. Urban Indians are starved for time and make attempts to adopt a healthier lifestyle because of rising awareness about the need for exercise and diet changes.

Veganism is growing and people are finding that becoming Vegan reduces their risk of heart disease and induces weight loss. However, so is the awareness and demand for fitness equipment in India. With hundreds of gyms all over the country people either visit the gym or buy some gym equipment for their home. The best option would be to visit a park and go outdoor for some fresh air and exercise, but severe weather and conservative attitudes mean that several people prefer to workout in the privacy of their home.

There are several fitness equipment brands in each city of India. Its a highly un regulated industry with few companies investing in after sales support. Among the top international brands in India are Technogym, Precor, Panatta, Stex, Sole , Spirit & Afton These brands comprise 80% of the gym equipment market in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi.

Also boot camps, MMA classes, Spin studios & Zumba classes are growing rapidly to take care of the needs of a 1.2 Billion person market. High end yoga studios offering power yoga to weight loss yoga are the flavour of the season frequented mostly by women.

Men gravitate towards strength training and cardio programs alternating between the two. You can buy treadmill in India and get detailed information about how to set up a gym at any of the fitness equipment brands listed in this column.

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