Effective Method for Healing a Drug User

Many individuals don’t understand what a drug addiction actually is but once you understand, you get that it isn’t something that can be healed in a heartbeat. Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease that doesn’t allow the individual to control their actions and their dopamine levels are increasingly low therefore their body craves drugs or alcohol unwillingly. It doesn’t matter if the individual doesn’t want to abuse these drugs, it is their brain that needs the drugs in order to raise its dopamine levels and act okay again. Going to a drug rehab can be one way to solve a drug addiction but it can take several months of the individual’s dedication to do so. Some recoveries consist of a three to six month program and others can range from six months to one year. The individuals stay all depends on the type of drug they were abusing in the first place and as well as how long they have been hooked on this drug or alcohol. For instance, if an individual has been abusing drugs or alcohol for over a decade than Per Wickstrom explains that it can take around a year for this.

Who is Per Wickstrom?

Per Wickstrom is a successful founder and CEO of todays famous Best Drug Rehabilitation, Choices Recovery and A Forever Recovery. Per Wickstrom has many drug rehabs in the Michigan area and they are very successful due to the sole reason of him once being a drug addict himself. Understanding what your clients went through and are currently going through can be very difficult but Per Wickstrom can remember every little detail of how he felt before the recovery, during and after. He is now a free man due to him being able to control his actions and emotions and is blessed that he can help others feel the same way as he does today. It is a great feeling to know that you are the reason someone can have a family one day and how you are the reason that the individuals can live a healthy and drug free lifestyle once again just like they did before. Opening Best Drug Rehab was one of the best things Per Wickstrom has ever done for the state of Michigan and the community of Manistee. It has changed the community as a whole and helped out so many families that were struggling from drug addiction.

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