Maintaining Your Health and Wellness


Now that you have been through health complications, you have good reasons to maintain your health. A good diet, a healthy lifestyle, and regular checkups will help ensure your health as well as that of your family. Every day is a preparation for the days that follow. If you don’t love and admire yourself, it doesn’t matter what easy-to-follow health tips you embrace in your lifestyle; you will always be missing out something.

A healthy Diet

Eating well is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy. A good diet increases your energy, improves your sense of well-being, and lowers risk of disease. What you eat is linked to your risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease, insomnia, cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Making healthy choices will help you give you a healthy beginning.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day especially about a minimum of eight glasses a day will go a long way in getting rid of toxins even while it aids in digestion.

Eating organic fresh, whole and natural foods

Eat organic fresh, whole and natural occurring foods that are freshly prepared. For your health and external appearance, one must avoid packaged, frozen and processed foods as they offer zero nutritional value and do zilch for your health problems.


An important factor in helping you become and keep fit is a regular physical activity. It also is a good way to relax and control your weight. An exercise program can help you cope with the rigors to stay healthy for years to come. Walking up and down stairs in your home is a good cardiovascular exercise and improves muscle tone and strength in the legs. Exercise doesn’t have to mean trekking out in the rain and hit to the gym – a good exercise can be followed in the warmth of your own home.

Don’t starve yourself

Cutting out too many calories can backfire in more ways than one. Your metabolism will slow down so much that you will not only stop losing weight, but you will be lucky if you can peel yourself off the couch.

Eat five small meals instead of three large ones

You might think you should eat less often if you want to stay healthy, but that is just not the case. By eating every few hours, you keep your metabolism fired up and ensure it does not slow down between meals in order to hang on to calories. However, a meal can be as small as a cup of soup.

Loads of leafy Greeny vegetables

Eat loads of leafy green vegetables like any kind of seaweed, broccoli, brussel sprouts, collard greens and spinach. These veggies are loaded with antioxidants, help regulate your hormones and contain many essential vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium.

Consume juicy fruits

Consume juicy fruits like grapes, melons, pears, plums, grapefruit, oranges, pomegranates, pineapple, figs, dates and apples. These foods are brimmed with antioxidants, promote efficient digestion, and help remove impurities from your body and are healthy for your skin and body.

When a new day comes we can start afresh with new determination. Take pleasure and pride in the changes that you have made. All of us want to live a full life, look young, healthy and fresh and have the energy to attend to our basic needs. All it takes is a little care and a few healthy habits that we should follow in all our lives.


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