Winter season is a challenging time of the year for our body and especially for our hair. There are certain things though we can do to develop optimal hair maintenance during this time of the year. At  barber shop times square we have prepared a list of the most useful tips for winter hair maintenance.

  1. Regulate washing frequency

Too much is never good, especially for your hair. Frequent washing deprives your hair of its essential oils leaving it feel dry and dehydrated. Winter hair is extremely prone to dryness therefore, barbers at  barber shop times square advise to eliminate the habit of everyday washing. Now you understand the importance of optimal shampooing frequency so we recommend taking the right path and washing your hair at least every other day.

  1. Treat with rich conditioning

Regular use of a good conditioner is one of the most important elements of winter hair maintenance. This product will become your hair’s best friend and offer only the best things – rich nourishment and unbelievable moisture. Treat your mane to a conditioner regularly and never underestimate the importance of this miracle, especially in winter season.

  1. Give heated tools a rest

Heated appliances are your frenemies. On the one hand, they can make you look super awesome, but on the other hand, they can cause awful thermal damage. Our body feels weaker during winter season, as well as our hair, thus being prone to damage. It would be wise to minimize the use of heat styling tools and prevent potential heat dangers.

  1. Beware of cold weather

Besides Christmas, cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, winter season brings us fierce winds, dry air and low temperatures. Extreme weather conditions make it extremely difficult for your mane to keep it going through winter season. In order to protect your hair, you should always wear a hat and remember what your mom told – never leave the house with your hair being wet!

  1. Take a regular care of ends

Ends are the weakest and oldest part of your hair that is extremely susceptible to damage, especially in rough weather conditions. Moreover, damaged ends are potentially dangerous for overall condition of your hair because damage has a tendency to travel farther. As a conclusion, we might say that you should see your barber more often and maintain your ends in time.

Take these helpful tips into consideration and keep your hair ultimately healthy during winter season!

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